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CenterEdge Advantage 14.3 - Rentals at the POS

Locker Rentals now in your POS

What’s New:

Rental Controls

CenterEdge Advantage 14.2 - Graphical Calendars and Ad-Hoc Queries

Graphical Calendar resized 600

We are excited to announce some of the new features you can look forward to as a part of our July release of CenterEdge Advantage Version 14.2.

New Features in 14.1 - Timed Items, Movie Packages, and More


CenterEdge Advantage 14.1, released this June, has added several new features to give our new and existing customers additional options in our Point of Sale, Groups, and Manager Console.

4 Ways FEC Software Takes The Hassle Out Of Party Scheduling

birthday party scheduling

You’ve built your family entertainment center, complete with numerous activities that will be “fun for the entire family.” You’ve hired cashiers, bought the cash registers. The doors open and in come the crowds. Cash and credit card transactions are moving at a rapid pace. Everything is going well, until a family comes in for the party that they scheduled but you can’t find it flipping through pages of your schedule book. You scramble to accomodate the party but they can tell that you're not prepared.

CenterEdge Software taps Keller as Director of Business Development

Merrik Keller

We are very excited to announce Merrik Keller as our Director of Business Development! Below, find our press realease, announcing his new position.

Important Notice for CenterEdge Users regarding Windows XP

Windows XP Pro

If you are a CenterEdge Advantage client using Windows XP to operate your CenterEdge Advantage installation, this message contains vital information regarding your PCI compliance.

In order to remain PCI compliant, any system which handles sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers must always stay up to date with the latest security patches for their operating systems, letting no more than 30 days pass without a security update. Last Year, Microsoft announced they would stop publishing security and bugfix patches for Windows XP, with the last patch to be released on April 8th, 2014. This means that any system running XP will not receive any security updates after this time, and thus will no longer be PCI compliant as of May 7th.

What this means is that if you are currently running CenterEdge Advantage on a Windows XP operating system, you will need to upgrade your system to a more recent operating system before May 7th in order to retain your PCI compliant status.

CenterEdge strongly recommends upgrading to at least the Professional Edition of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 well before the May 7th deadline.  Please note that CenterEdge does not support Windows Vista.

The Evolution of the Family Entertainment Center

Time at Family Entertainment Centers

Last week I was discussing my experience in the Family Entertainment Industry with some new employees and it really made me think about how the industry has evolved over the last 20 years.  Technology has really made a difference in how Family Entertainment Centers are operated today, so for fun I am going to share some of my observations.

CenterEdge Software Growing Once Again


We're excited to announce that we are expanding once again! After expanding our staff to help our software grow and to better support our customers, our office was bursting at the seams. So we expanded our office once again and are just now getting comfortable in our new digs. Here is our press release about our recent changes!


New Features in Version 13.4 - Printer Banks, Waivers, and More

CenterEdge Wristbands for Trampoline Parks and Other Facilities

In CenterEdge Advantage 13.4, released this Feb 24th, we're excited to announce our wristband printer bank feature. This feature utilizes a series of several inexpensive Zebra wristband printers, each loaded with a different color wirstband, to automatically print a wristband onto a different wristband color based on the end time of the customer's ticket.

Inclement Weather 02/12/14


This email is to inform you that the CenterEdge offices are potenitally moving to operating under our inclement weather plan due to the pending snow/ice storm.

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