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How to Save Time Managing Your Birthday Parties & Group Events

Sherry Howell to Speak at 2020 Laser Tag Convention

Stand Out Through Your FEC's Team: The Importance of Purpose-Driven Leadership & Values

Brand Engagement Director Sherry Howell to Speak at Amusement Expo 2020

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Top 5 POS Mistakes FEC Owners Make

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7 Do's and Don'ts of Sales Management

5 Business Intelligence Insights to Include in Your Year-End Analysis

7 Key Elements of an Effective FEC Design (With Design Expert Doug Wilkerson)

CenterEdge Software Selected for Malibu Jack’s Lexington

CenterEdge to Exhibit at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2019

How to Align Marketing with Operations to Create a Better Guest Experience

How Your Current Loyalty Rewards Programs Fail You (and What to Do About It)

CenterEdge Software Celebrates 15 Years of Serious Software for a Fun Business

Maximize Holiday Season Gift Card Sales in 5 Steps

5 Up-To-Date Rules of Email Marketing Engagement

Sherry Howell to Speak at Entertainment Center Management School

When to Look for a New POS: 5 Warning Signs

CenterEdge Software to Exhibit at 2019 WWA Symposium & Trade Show

Surviving Offseason: 3 Keys to Improving Guest Attendance

Practice These 5 Habits to Get and Stay Motivated

How to Identify and Entice Your FEC's Best Guests

Sherry Howell to Speak at 2019 IATP USA Conference and Trade Show; CenterEdge to Exhibit

7 Truths of a Great New Team Member Onboarding Process

CenterEdge Pro Tip: Create Special Sale Items With Hidden Webstore Links

7 Steps for a Better Birthday Party Check-In at Your FEC

Sherry Howell Joins Foundations Entertainment University as Permanent Speaker

Discovering the Heart of Your FEC: The Importance of "Why"

Eliminate 7 Hidden FEC Costs in Less Than a Month

FEC Competition: 5 Situations That Steal Your Summer Customers (And How to Win Them Back)

Free FEC Sales and Marketing Checklist

Alabama Splash Adventure Deploys CenterEdge Software

5 Delegation Do’s and Don’ts Every Great Leader Must Know

5 Ways a Poor Online Sales Experience Costs Your FEC or Amusement Park Money

Top 10 Phrases Team Members Should Never Say

Oaks Amusement Park Selects CenterEdge Software as Point of Sale System

CenterEdge Pro Tip: Make Redemption Games More Attractive With Bonus Point Denomination Bundles

Family Entertainment Group, LLC Selects CenterEdge Software as Point of Sale System

7 Ways to Become a More Confident Team Member

Free Point of Sale System Checklist

CenterEdge Software Releases New Business Intelligence Tool

How to Use Data to Make Smart Business Decisions Faster than Ever Before

5 Questions a Market Feasibility Study Should Answer When Opening or Expanding an FEC or Location-based Entertainment Venue

How to Deliver a Better Birthday Party Experience

CenterEdge Software Selected as Point of Sale System for Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

Liability Waiver Maintenance 101: Giving Your Park’s Waiver Process a Good Spring Cleaning

Rosie Salas Joins CenterEdge Software as Director of Training & Education

Don't Make Price Your Main Selling Point for Birthday Parties and Group Events

How a Kitchen Display System Improves Food Service Efficiency in your FEC or Amusement Park

Make Your Guest Experience Better and a Build a Great Team at Your Park or FEC

5 Reasons Growing FECs and Amusement Centers Lose Money

How to Bundle Products to Create Valuable Packages at Your Family Entertainment Center (FEC)

CenterEdge Pro Tip: Add Money to Event Game Cards Without Swiping

How to Improve Your Guest Experience with the Right Access Control for Your FEC, Amusement or Waterpark

5 Questions to Ask Before You Send Your Next FEC Marketing Email

Free Training Resource for FEC Team Members

How Small Attractions Can Increase FEC Revenue and Grow Your Amusement Business

How to Overcome Sales Growth Obstacles in Your FEC

CenterEdge Pro Tip: How to Reap the Benefits of Electronic Event Invitations in Your FEC

Forget Resolutions. Improve FEC or Park Guest Service with a Core Value or Theme This Season

5 Tips to Get You on the Right Path to Helping Angry FEC Guests

How to Simplify Your Park or FEC Party Processes in 30 Minutes or Less

CenterEdge Pro Tip: Get Your Key Reports Sent Automatically

5 Ingredients to Deliver a Strong Guest Experience in Your FEC

Goal Setting that Works: Give Your FEC the Best Chance to Achieve Success in 2019

Talk the Talk: Boosting Frontline Conversations to Increase Sales

CenterEdge Pro Tip: Facility Scheduling Made Simple

CenterEdge Software Announces Integrations with FetchRev

5 Ways to Put the ‘Fun’ Back in Fundraising For Your FEC or Park

CenterEdge to Exhibit at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018

How to Maximize the Use of Mobile Stations in Your Water Park or FEC

IAAPA's Funworld Magazine Features Sherry Howell in Water Park Software Solution Article

CenterEdge Customer Service Week Challenge Winners 2018

CenterEdge Software to Sponsor and Exhibit at WWA Show 2018

How to Embrace a Creative Culture to Grow Your Park or FEC Business

The End of the Selfie? 6 Selling Points That Put Your Offerings Into (Guests’) Perspective

CenterEdge Named Finalist in Park World Excellence Awards 2018

5 Ways Going Cashless Improves Your Special Events

CenterEdge Named Point of Sale (POS) System Provider for Rev’d Up Fun

Greg Baker and Brant Burnett to Speak at Spinnaker Summit

[INFOGRAPHIC] Be a Leader!

Sherry Howell to Speak at 2018 IATP USA Conference and Trade Show; CenterEdge to Exhibit

FEC and Amusement Park Point of Sale Training That Sticks in 5 Simple Steps

Grow Your Revenue by Getting out of the Box and onto the Mat

4 Rules for Building an Amazing Frontline Team at Your FEC or Amusement Park

Coming Soon - CenterEdge Advantage Version 18.2

Brant Burnett Presents on Crafting Better Git Commits to the Triangle .NET User Group

5 Automated Conversations You Should Be Having with Your Park and FEC Event Guests

6 Checklists To Keep Your FEC Team on Target

5 Effective Ways to Resolve Complaints with LAST

3 Ways to Simplify Inventory Management

What the FEC and Amusement Industry Can Do When They Stand Together

CenterEdge Software Debuts New Website

3 Rules for Growing Your FEC or Park with Referrals

The Secret Formula for Balancing Labor and Sales

Park World Magazine Features CenterEdge in Access Control Article

Building Your Brand One Important Detail at a Time

One Wristband to Rule Them All: 3 Ways to Make Your Operation More Seamless

Brant Burnett Talks Couchbase on ODBMS.ORG

Taking the Leap to Leadership? Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes

Sherry Howell Talks Company Culture and Employee Loyalty in Attraction Pros Podcast

Sherry Howell to Speak at LaserTAG360 on May 9

How Efficient Is Your Schedule?

5 Ways to Leverage Gift Cards in your FEC or Attraction

FEC and Amusement Marketing Made Simpler in 7 Steps

CenterEdge Software Selected as Point of Sale System for The City Forum

5 Advantages to Creating Membership Programs with Recurring Billing for FECs

Help Me Help You: Building an Award-Winning Culture

How to Know If You're Using Your Cashless or Food Service POS All Wrong

How to Identify, Hire, and Train the Next Generation of Party Professionals

Cashless Concessions (and more) in Your Water Park or Amusement Facility: The Pros & Cons

Coming Soon—CenterEdge Advantage Version 18.1

Sales Team Troubleshooting: 7 Inbound Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

[INFOGRAPHIC] Control Your Cash!

How to Diversify Your Trampoline Park in 5 Steps

How to Help Your Team Shine and Improve Your Facility 

4 Things You Didn't Even Know You Needed Your POS to Do

7 Questions to Ask When Building a Loyalty Program at your Amusement Park or Family Entertainment Center

The Secret to Getting Your Team to Do What You Ask

Power Reports: What Every Manager Should Look at Daily (and Why)

4 Resolutions We’ve Made That Will Stick All Year Long

Thank You for a Terrific 2017 from CenterEdge Software

7 Steps to a Stellar Season Kick-Off for your FEC or Attraction

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Point of Sale for Your Water Park or FEC

5 Ways a Loyalty Rewards Program Can Help Grow Your Amusement Park or FEC Revenue

What We Learned at IAAPA 2017 and How We’re Going to Raise the Bar in 2018

Three Ways to Win Big (Sales) this Holiday Season

The Ultimate Party Checklist for FEC, Amusement & Trampoline Park Teams

Did You Know? Return Receipts Can Help You Minimize Theft in your Park or FEC

Thrills, Chills and Safety: Boosting Cash Security & Safety Without Scaring Your Staff

CenterEdge to Exhibit at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017

10 Steps to Create Outstanding Special Events

Sherry Howell to Speak at the East Coast Bowling Centers Convention

Customer Friction Hurts: Five Questions to Help Avoid It

Parkworld Features CenterEdge and Epic Waters Partnership

CenterEdge “Role” Call: Meet Asia Johnson

4 Things Your Team is Thinking During Meetings

Altitude Trampoline Park Installs CenterEdge Software at 30th Location

3 Ways to Use Deferred Revenue to Maximize Profitability

How to Use Customer Service Week to Build Trust and Boost Profits

NRPA Features Sherry Howell in Parks and Recreation Trendsetter Article

Coming Soon - CenterEdge Advantage Version 17.3

Sherry Howell to Speak at IATP's 5th Annual Conference and Trade Show

How to Know if Your Waiver Process is Killing Your Guest Experience in Your Trampoline or Amusement Park

4 Times Communities Got Parks & Rec Projects Right

CenterEdge Software Adds Kimberly McPeek as Support Manager

6 Easy Steps to Book More School Groups

CenterEdge Sponsors Scholarship for Birthday University in Atlanta

CenterEdge “Role” Call: Meet Vince Barnett

Map It! The Ideal Facility Management Hardware for Each of Your Workstation Locations

CenterEdge Software Adds Kevin McKiernan as New Chief Technology Officer

5 Simple Steps to Successful Stress Management

CenterEdge Named Point of Sale (POS) System Provider for Planet Aqua Group’s Shreveport Aquarium and SALT Restaurant

CenterEdge Sponsors Foundations Entertainment University in Chicago

How Tokenized Tender Can Protect Amusement Park Guests and Boost Business

Did You Know? Customized Receipt Text

6 Tips for Building Employee Loyalty in Your FEC or Trampoline Park

CenterEdge Software's Training Department Grows With Internal Promotions

CenterEdge Serves as Partner for LaserTAG360’s August Event

4 Ways Your Amusement Facility Can Celebrate Park & Recreation Month This July

Sherry Howell to Speak at BPAA Bowling University Military Training

How to Choose the Right Access Control for Your Amusement or Trampoline Park

CenterEdge “Role” Call: Meet Rob Roberts

Reflections on the International Association of Trampoline Parks Conference

Brant Burnett Speaks at Couchbase Connect

7 Considerations for Selecting a Cashless System Partner for Your Amusement Facility or FEC

CenterEdge Sponsors Birthday University Scholarships

6 Essential Tips for Guest-Centric Event Scheduling in Your FEC or Trampoline Park

Coming Soon - CenterEdge Advantage Version 17.2

Sherry Howell to Speak at IATP’s Annual European Conference and Trade Show

Did You Know: Video Software Tutorials Now Available

Creating an Experience: 5 Questions to Ask Before Expanding Your Recreation Offerings

CenterEdge “Role” Call: Meet Sandra Welch

CenterEdge Named Point of Sale (POS) System Provider for Anakeesta

CenterEdge Serves as Partner for LaserTAG360

CenterEdge Sponsors Foundations Entertainment University

3 Common Myths About the Buying Process – Dispelled!

CenterEdge Software Selected to Manage 172-Acre, First-of-Its-Kind Community Recreation Center, The Epic GrandCentral

Encourage Better Customer Engagement by Going Beyond 3 Common Questions

3 Must-Have Payment Methods for Your Entertainment Business

Top 4 Tips for Training Exceptional Party Hosts in Your FEC

Chris Johnson Joins CenterEdge Software as Director of Operations

CenterEdge Sponsors Scholarship for Birthday University

Four Essential Features of Your Cashless System

Did You Know: Constant Contact Integration

5 Must-Have Features for Guest Waivers

CenterEdge “Role” Call: Meet John Lochbaum

CenterEdge Sponsors Scholarship for Foundations Entertainment University

5 Steps to Planning for Effortless Birthday Party Check-Ins at Your FEC

CenterEdge Advantage Version 17.1 Is Coming Soon

Six Steps to Creating Harmony Between Sales & Operations

CenterEdge Expands North Carolina Headquarters

Measuring Success at Your FEC or Adventure Facility: Four Critical Reports You Need to Have

Three Tips for Boosting Productivity

Navigating Networking Events Like a Boss

Interview: Adding an Escape Room to a Trampoline Park or FEC

Listening Is the Key to Successful Upselling

Four Reasons Why Resolutions Fail

Did You Know: Setting Event Sales Goals for the New Year

CenterEdge 'Role' Call - Meet Patches the Cat

Managing Holiday Stress: a Matter of Perspective

Consistent Communication is Key-Insights from Metro Richmond Zoo

What Impact Will Your Team Make on #GivingTuesday?

Today Is a Great Day to Be Kind

CenterEdge 'Role' Call - Meet Lisa Carr

New Features Coming Soon in CenterEdge Advantage 16.6

Creating Magic Using Empathy

Did You Know: Bulk Issue Player Cards and Wristbands

The Magic Pill of Sales

Come Learn With Us at IAAPA

The CenterEdge End of Summer Reading List

New Features Coming Soon in Advantage Release 16.5

How to Take Feedback with a Smile

CenterEdge 'Role' Call-Meet Andy Rye

Did You Know: Celebrate Your Team During Customer Service Week

Hiring Sets You Apart-Lessons from Adventure Quest Laser Tag

Core Values: The 'So What' Factor

Four Steps to Show the World What You're Made of

Did You Know: The Importance of Regular Software Backups

New Features Coming Soon in Advantage Release 16.4

An Easy to Follow Guide to Upselling

Did You Know: Are You Getting the Most from Your CenterEdge Service Agreement?

Payroll Prowess from a Top Ranking General Manager

CenterEdge 'Role' Call-Meet Kate Friedl

CenterEdge and Sacoa Expand System Integration

6 Sure-fire Ways to Beat the Post Summer Sales Slump

New Features Coming Soon in Advantage Release 16.3

CenterEdge Client Spotlight: Plex Indoor Sports

Did You Know? External Payment Feature

CenterEdge 'Role' Call-Meet Jay Lehew

The Next 5 Seconds Can Make the Difference

CenterEdge Client Spotlight: FunQuest Family Entertainment Center

How Secure are Your Cash Control Procedures?

CenterEdge Role Call-Meet Kevin Sutton

New Features Coming Soon in Advantage Release 16.2

Understanding Motivation to Win Sales-Part Two

How Understanding Motivation Wins Loyalty and Sales-Part One

CenterEdge Client Spotlight: Knuckleheads

Using Advantage Point of Sale to Survey Guests

CenterEdge 'Role' Call-Meet Rick Smith

Company Culture is not just for Big Corporations

CenterEdge Client Spotlight: Elevated Sportz

Introducing the CenterEdge ‘Did You Know?’ Video Series

CenterEdge Role Call - Meet Spencer Faulkner

Three Quick Wins to Boost Birthday Party Traffic

Sherry Howell joins CenterEdge to head new Client Success initiative

CenterEdge installs at WonderWorks Orlando ahead of IAAPA

CenterEdge to introduce new products & features at IAAPA 2015

CenterEdge introduces new cloud-based platform dubbed STAGE

CenterEdge and Embed announce 75th joint installation

CenterEdge to integrate with Sacoa PlayCard System

Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks selects CenterEdge

Rockin’ Jump trampoline parks expanding national footprint, rolls out CenterEdge

CenterEdge selected as system vendor for DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

CenterEdge launches new website, furthers reach into parks, museums and zoos

Version 14.5 Release Announcement

New Features in 14.1 - Timed Items, Movie Packages, and More

4 Ways FEC Software Takes The Hassle Out Of Party Scheduling

CenterEdge Software taps Keller as Director of Business Development

Important Notice for CenterEdge Users regarding Windows XP

The Evolution of the Family Entertainment Center

CenterEdge Software Growing Once Again

New Features in Version 13.4 - Printer Banks, Waivers, and More

Inclement Weather 02/12/14

The Next Generation of Online Liability Waivers

Controlling Your Cash and Employees Through Your POS

Changes in Your CenterEdge Support System

Integrating Kids Skate Free With Your Skate Center Point of Sale

3 Tips For Managing Waivers With Trampoline Park Software

6 Ways To Increase Ticket Sales With Your Online Ticketing Software

3 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Live Without Online Ticketing Software

CenterEdge Software Displaying Waterpark Software at WWA Convention

3 Ways To Save Money With Redemption Software

New Features: iPod-based Mobile Ticket And Card Validation

Zoo Software - is your system ready to go cashless?

How Can Redemption Software Save You Time?

4 Myths About Debit Card Systems

Introducing The Top 5 Myths About Online Party Booking Software

Generating Revenue through your FEC POS

4 Things An FEC POS Can Do That A Cash Register Cannot

5 Things To Look For In Online Party Booking Software

3 Uses of a FEC POS that Will Decrease Labor While Increasing ROI

New Features: Food and Merchandise Entitlements On Cards

Beyond The Arcade: Other Uses for a Debit Card System

Improve Your FEC's Marketing Through "Targeting"

4 Ways a FEC POS Assists in Management Efficiency and ROI

CenterEdge Advantage 12.1 Has Been Released!

How is a Debit Card System Better Than Tokens and Tickets?

Another Simple Trick to Optimize your FEC POS Screen - Daily Specials

Point Of Sale Security: Protecting What's Yours

Loyalty – Leveraging Your FEC POS Data to Reach Your Best Customers

How Loss Prevention Can Increase the ROI of Your FEC POS

3 Easy Tips for Loss Prevention in your FEC

1 Simple Trick to Optimize your FEC POS Screens

Does your FEC Software have a ‘Plan B’?

How Long Will It Take to Pay for a FEC POS Software?

4 Reasons Your FEC NEEDS a POS System

3 Ways For Trampoline Parks To Tame The Waiver Monster

Building Customer Loyalty Through Your Redemption Center

Your order for redemption software is ready!

CenterEdge Software is still growing!!

How Important is the Party Booking System for Your Laser Tag Arena?

4 Top Reasons Your Skating Rink Needs A Point of Sale System

3 Reasons Your POS needs an Integrated Credit Card Solution

Drafting the Right POS for Your FEC

5 Top Security Concerns For Online Party Booking

Selling Tickets Online? Should You Charge a Fee for the Transaction?

Signs of the Times – Why your FEC should go Digital

How Can Your FEC Software Help with Social Media?

Considerations When Choosing A Trampoline Park Point of Sale

Simplify Your Birthday Reservation Activity Scheduling

Make Your Birthday Party Software Emails More Professional

Laser Tag Software - Are the Game Statistics Important?

How Your POS and Party Booking Software Can Maximize Spring Break

Accept Gratuities at the PINpad in Canada

Making Taxable Attractions Easier On Your Accountant

Online Birthday Reservations vs. the Human Touch

10 Things to Consider When Selecting a POS Software Company

Credit Card Security, Your Point of Sale, And You

Rock Beats Scissors. Paper Beats Rock. Group Software Beats Paper.

CenterEdge Advantage Point of Sale Card Splitting Support

Employee Scheduling: 5 Steps to Finding Lost Time

Interac EMV Chips Now Supported

Tips to Securing Your Cash Through a Point of Sale System

CenterEdge Advantage 11.2 Has Been Released!

Waterpark Point of Sale Software - Increasing Spontaneous Purchases

3 Simple Ways to Increase Online Party Booking Revenue

5 Necessities of Skating Rink Software

Advantages of Online Group Booking Software

Questions to Ask About Your Party Booking Software

Happy Holidays From CenterEdge Software!

Managing Your Labor Costs

Come See Us At IAAPA Booth #831

Roller Skaters Need Software, Too

5 Star Service versus 1 Star Complaint

A Welcome and a Good Bye

RIP Steve Jobs - You were definitely "Insanely Great"

How Much Is Convenience Worth?

We are Growing!

Canadian Interac EMV (Chip & Pin) Support

Are You Controlling Your Labor, Or Is Your Labor Controlling You?

Employee Theft - They Aren't Stealing From Me

CenterEdge Advantage Release 10.1 Available

Come See Us At IAAPA Booth #3006

CenterEdge Software IS Pathfinder Software

CenterEdge Advantage Release 9.2 Now Available

CenterEdge Announces Partnership With Embed

Should You Make Your Facility Cashless? - Part 4

Generate Revenue With Online Ticket Sales

Should You Make Your Facility Cashless? - Part 3

New E-mail/SMTP Settings

Should You Make Your Facility Cashless? - Part 2

Should You Make Your Facility Cashless? - Part 1

Checking In Large Skating Groups

New Employee A/R System

Pathfinder Advantage Release 7.3