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7 Friction Points that Damage Your Brand

Posted by Sherry Howell on Apr 21, 2023 11:12:53 AM

Complicated coupons, inconvenient payment processes, and even walk-in birthday parties can cause small friction points, leading to big frustration.

Reputation is critical to any business’s success, and maintaining one that’s positive is easier said than done. Most companies have a plan for handling significant customer issues, but It doesn’t take huge mistakes to wreak havoc. Even minor friction points can erode your guests’ perception of your business over time. 

Read on for seven common friction points that could damage your business and what to do about them

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5 Ways to Increase Revenue With CenterEdge Software

Posted by Sherry Howell on Feb 17, 2023 12:02:12 PM

Wise use of your point-of-sale software is essential in the quest for driving revenue.

You already know that your point of sale (POS) software is essential for operating your entertainment or amusement facility. The right POS software can help you manage inventory, process transactions, and the best help you gather valuable guest data. But are you maximizing the potential of this powerful tool to increase revenue in every area of your business? 

Read on for five ways to use your POS software to increase revenue.

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How to Manage a Busy Holiday Season at Your FEC

Posted by Sherry Howell on Dec 2, 2022 12:58:17 PM

Practice stress management techniques, be proactive and stay thankful to help manage this busy holiday season. 

With the turning of the calendar, the holidays are in full swing! While this time of year can be magical, it can also be overwhelming to you and your staff. But with so many new guests visiting your business for the first time this season, you can't afford service hiccups caused by a stressed-out team. Read on for five tips to help you keep your team, happy, engaged, and ready to wow this holiday season. 

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IAAPA Expo 2022: Education You Shouldn't Miss

Posted by Sherry Howell on Oct 28, 2022 12:02:28 PM

Get the ideas and insights you need to take the next step in your business at IAAPA Expo 2022 November 14-18, 2022. 

If you’re like us, you’re busy preparing for the 2022 IAAPA Expo that’s coming up in just two short ort weeks! As you might know, CenterEdge’s Brand Engagement Director, Sherry Howell, is currently serving on the IAAPA FEC Education Committee. 

This week, she participated with committee Chair, Brandon Willey and IAAPA’s Monica Bejarano and Dana Jasat in a member webinar to review the upcoming event. If you would like to catch the replay, it will be available soon at

Read on to get the details about the three FEC lunches, 13 FEC-specific EDUSessions, and three FEC EDUTalks. And be sure to stop by the CenterEdge booth, #4454.

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How to Jumpstart Your Group Sales Battery

Posted by Sherry Howell on Sep 9, 2022 9:50:14 AM

Motivation tactics that can help you stay engaged - and winning.

Let’s face it. Over time, it can be easy for sales motivation to slip. You start getting lax about following processes, which in time may lead to lost sales. Those losses can diminish motivation even more, and soon it can feel like you can’t win. No fun.

But, there is hope! The good news is that it’s easy to jumpstart your sales motivation and your success rate. 

Read on for seven tips to help you get back on the road to success today.

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5 Operator Tips to Win More Sales

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 15, 2022 12:24:53 PM

Use these tips to provide a consistent approach to prospecting and following up with prospective buyers. 

Last month, we shared a two-part blog series that discussed selling to people with varying buying styles.

As a follow-up to that series, Laser One's Jim Mainardi contacted us to share his success and offer additional tips and tricks that earn him big results. When it comes to selling, it's important to use your creativity! Don't be afraid to try new ways to approach buyers, like the ones Jim shares with you in today's blog.  

Read on for five tips to help you win more sales for your family entertainment center. 

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How to Sell to Every Kind of Buyer - Part Two

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jun 10, 2022 11:51:47 AM

For best results, take cues from your prospective customers and present your offering with their buying styles in mind.

In part one, we introduced the concept that like different personality characteristics, people tend to have different buying styles - or the way that they behave when buying and selling.

We tend to sell the way we like to buy, but that may not always be the best approach.

Now that we've discussed selling to the buying styles of Director and Entertainer, let's finish up with approaching those prospects with the very different styles of Thinker and Harmonizer.

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How to Sell to Every Kind of Buyer - Part One

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jun 3, 2022 7:51:01 AM

Give prospective buyers information in the way they need to receive it and win more sales for your business.

If you've ever taken a personality test, you have likely learned how your personality style can impact how you communicate with others.

Knowing how you naturally behave in times of stress, when interacting with others of similar or different personality styles can help you communicate more effectively with those who are similar to you - and those who are different. 

Even if you're not sold on how personality can impact behavior, I think we can all agree that some buyers prefer a lot of information, while others prefer a more "big-picture" approach. Others need to read every online review for a decision while others still may need to enlist the help of all 753 of their Facebook friends.

Today, we're introducing the first of a two-part blog that will help you learn how to identify the different buying styles, and how to approach those buyers in the best way to earn their business. First up, the Director and Entertainer buying style. 

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Birthday Party Resource Round Up

Posted by Sherry Howell on Mar 17, 2022 4:52:23 PM

Give your birthday party program the boost it needs to work harder than ever.   

We're busy ramping up for the first of only two Birthday University education sessions this year.

Your birthday party program is likely one of the most important programs in your business, and you want to get the most of it. 

In preparation for the next session in Chicago on March 30-31, we compiled this quick list of birthday party resources that can help you improve in any area you choose. 

Take a look, and join us for free in Chicago for a deeper dive into every aspect of the birthday party experience. (Just enter CenterEdge in Scholarship Sponsor Name). 

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5 Steps to the Right Party Packages

Posted by Sherry Howell on Feb 11, 2022 10:22:35 AM

How to sell a streamlined experience in a hyper-customized world

I recently had the opportunity to attend IAAPA FEC Summit in Arizona. In talking with many operators, I heard some of the current issues facing location-based entertainment facilities today.

One conversation that stuck with me was with Ryan Powers of Shipwrecked in Brooklyn. In essence, how can a family entertainment venue meet their guests' changing needs with party packages when guests seem set on hyper-customization?

What a terrific and important question in times like these! We spent some time thinking about it, and are sharing five steps to help you deliver the right experience to your guest every time. 

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