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7 Ways to Motivate Your Workforce

Posted by Sherry Howell on Sep 23, 2021 7:55:07 PM

Keep your team healthy and high-performing with these tips.  

With all of the challenges in hiring and maintaining front-line staff today, cultivating a strong work culture is more important than ever. While some factors may be beyond your control, you can still set your business up for success by being the kind of employer that people want to work for.

Today, we're sharing a few no-cost ways to keep morale high, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary attrition on top of everything else. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

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5 Steps to Successful Promotions and Projects This Fall

Posted by Sherry Howell on Sep 16, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Settle in with a pumpkin-spice latte and move your business forward with these tips.  

I'm not saying I'm ready to say goodbye to summer, but the recent cooler temperatures are bringing to mind the very real fact that fall is nearly here.

In years past, have you noticed that that latter part of the year seems to fly by in a rush of work and obligations? With all that the holiday season entails, many FEC owners have shared that there never seems to be enough time to take full advantage of one of the most profitable times of the year. 

That's why we put together a quick list of five steps to take now that can help you plan for a strong finish to 2021.

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How to Elevate the Look and Value of Your FEC's Birthday Parties

Posted by Sherry Howell on Sep 3, 2021 10:07:04 AM

Party Prep Expert, Nancy Dye of Party Direct, answers five key questions to help you elevate your experience.  

As we’ve recently discussed in our recent birthday party blog, how seamless your party experience is can impact your guests’ impression of your facility significantly - for better or for worse. 

Just like when you have broken games and attractions, or lackluster staff interactions, your facility’s party supplies, decorations, and paper products also say a lot about the care you take with your experience. That’s why we asked Nancy Dye, Marketing and Sales Coordinator of Party Direct, a few questions to help operators outfit their party experience for the right impact. 

Read on for our interview: 

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5 Steps to a Better Birthday Party Experience

Posted by Sherry Howell on Aug 19, 2021 2:23:59 PM

Your birthday party experience can be a guest's first exposure to your business, so it's essential that you deliver on your promises. 

Birthday parties are great offerings for your business and can bring in an entirely new audience. But those brand new guests (and their parents) are making decisions about not just parties at your facility, but also your entire experience, from the moment they first engage with you. 

That's why it's essential that you develop a party experience that you can deliver again and again at the right level. Here are a few steps to help you do just that. 

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5 Ways Your POS Should Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Sherry Howell on Aug 13, 2021 8:51:48 AM

Operate your busy FEC smarter with these essential facility management software features.

Running a profitable FEC is harder than it looks, and to do it effectively, you need to streamline your business a much as possible. Your facility management software should help make your job easier by centralizing sales, revenue, and reporting all in one place.

But in addition to that, you also need your solution to help you manage costs and increase sales. Today, we're sharing five ways your facility management software solution should help make your life easier. 

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10 Things Great Leaders Never Do

Posted by Sherry Howell on Aug 6, 2021 12:35:51 PM

Poor leadership habits and traits can negatively impact your team, your guests, and your bottom line. 

Great leaders often share many of the same characteristics and habits, and there's no shortage of lists of personality and leadership traits that we can all strive to develop. But sometimes, those tricky bad habits can sneak into our behaviors and hinder our ability to be the best bosses or teammates. But they're not always easy to recognize.

That's why we put together this quick list of 10 things great leaders never do to help you identify any derailing behaviors that are keeping you from being the leader you want to be. 


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How to Onboard New FEC Team Members

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 29, 2021 6:18:55 PM

A well-structured new hire onboarding program can help your facility build a strong team culture and an impressive guest experience. 

Staffing is a major issue affecting many family entertainment venues these days. But when you do manage to hire new staff, failing to onboard them properly can not only derail your guest experience but also your employee engagement.

You have one shot to make a first impression with your guests -  and your new team member(s). That's why we wanted to revisit this important topic to help you build or strengthen your onboarding process and start new team members off on the right foot. 


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5 Easy Ways to Increase FEC Revenue

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 22, 2021 3:41:40 PM

Special events, multi-visit passes, and staff competitions are just a few of the ways to boost your FEC’s revenue today and in the future.

You’re likely always thinking about ways to drive revenue and increase your bottom line. Sometimes, great ideas can come from quick brainstorming sessions with your team. Today, we did a quick brainstorming session of our own to provide you with a few ideas that you can use immediately to start driving more revenue today. Use these as they are or as a jumping-off point for your team’s next leadership meeting.  

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ZooMontana's 5 Surprising Benefits of Upgrading to CenterEdge Software

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 15, 2021 2:45:06 PM

Kathy Barton, Guest Services Manager of ZooMontana, shares how faster guest transactions, more personalized member experiences, and time to focus on what matters most helps ZooMontana rise to every new challenge.

Nearly every amusement park or entertainment venue has to work through the challenges of scaling up as the business begins to grow. Knowing when to invest in new attractions, facility upgrades, and new management tools can be tricky.

We recently sat down with Kathy Barton, ZooMontana's Guest Services Manager, who shared their recent experience upgrading to CenterEdge, and the surprising benefits they’ve seen as a result. Here’s what she had to say:

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How to Use Storytelling for Better Training Sessions

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 9, 2021 11:07:09 AM

Use these steps to successfully use storytelling in training and coaching sessions.

It has been terrific getting back together at recent industry events and educational sessions like Bowl Expo and Amusement Expo. Many of the educational sessions at the events were nothing short of inspiring, with funny and relevant stories shared all around. 

You’ve no doubt heard of the benefits of storytelling in marketing, brand management, and sales. It’s also an extremely effective tool to use when training your staff. Today, we’re sharing an example of masterful storytelling from a marketing conference I attended, delivered by Meghan Gardner, Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Adventures. Guardian Adventures, a consulting firm that develops unique educational programs for various industries and ages, uses storytelling to build immersive and exciting sessions that stick.

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