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5 Reasons to Establish Clear Processes in Your FEC

Posted by Sherry Howell on Apr 7, 2023 9:15:59 AM

“Because it’s the right thing to do” is only part of it.

Business growth can be exciting, terrifying, fast-paced, tedious, and painstaking - often all on the same day! Because change can happen quickly, it can be difficult for us to find the time to review our business's current operations to identify inefficiencies. But taking the time to analyze processes and establish and document new ones is critical to realize your growth potential.  

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5 Ways to Increase Revenue With CenterEdge Software

Posted by Sherry Howell on Feb 17, 2023 12:02:12 PM

Wise use of your point-of-sale software is essential in the quest for driving revenue.

You already know that your point of sale (POS) software is essential for operating your entertainment or amusement facility. The right POS software can help you manage inventory, process transactions, and the best help you gather valuable guest data. But are you maximizing the potential of this powerful tool to increase revenue in every area of your business? 

Read on for five ways to use your POS software to increase revenue.

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5 Ways to Improve Cash Control in Your FEC

Posted by Sherry Howell on Sep 16, 2022 11:29:58 AM

Clear accountability, consistent processes, and a method for tracking are key components of strong cash (and risk) management. 

It is never pleasant to think about how your business may be impacted by employee theft. Unfortunately, though, it is something you need to help protect yourself from.  The best defense is a clear system of accountability, with systems and technology in place that can help you monitor the cash going in and out of your business. 

Theft can come in many shapes and sizes, so read on for 5 cash management best practices to help set your business up for success. 

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CenterEdge Advantage 2022 LTS Upgrade

Posted by CenterEdge Software on Feb 25, 2022 8:02:52 AM

Upgrade to the new CenterEdge Advantage 2022 LTS.

The CenterEdge Advantage 2022 Long Term Support (LTS) version is now available to CenterEdge clients with a current license and service agreement (LSA).

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7 Benefits of an Integrated Events Management System

Posted by Sherry Howell on Feb 4, 2022 8:55:10 AM

Seamless scheduling, accurate accounting, and flawless food and beverage management are just a few of the advantages of an integrated events management system.

Managing every detail of your facility's event business can feel like a circus where you're struggling to keep everything moving.

This stress is compounded if you're spending valuable time trying to manage scheduling, ticketing, payment, and food service in many different systems, or worse - on paper.

An events management system that's fully integrated with the rest of your overall facility management solution can save you headaches and precious time. But what does integrated really mean? Read on for seven ways you can streamline your events program with an integrated system. 

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5 Simple Ideas to Increase Revenue and Engagement

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jan 14, 2022 11:09:46 AM

A little creativity and planning can quickly boost your revenue and audience engagement.

When you've been in this business a while, you've undoubtedly tried a lot of different promotions and special offers. But over time, it can be easy to get into a habit of doing things the same way.

Sometimes it makes sense to go "back to the drawing board" and reinvent new ways to sell and promote your business. To help you do that, we put together this list of five simple, low-cost promotion ideas that can help you boost your creativity and your bottom line. Try one, combine them, or use these as a starting point for your own creative magic, and go forth and conquer the world!

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How to Save Labor with New CenterEdge Self-Service Kiosk Features

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jan 6, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Save time, labor dollars, and give guests more control with the new self-service kiosk features. 

Rising labor wages and shortages mean it might be time for your facility to offer guests a self-service experience to make purchases at your facility. 

The CenterEdge development team has been hard at work building and testing new features for our self-service kiosk offering. We’re excited to announce new functionality that will allow you to offer guests even more autonomy when buying from you. 

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Sherry Howell to Speak at IAAPA Rookies and Newcomers: FEC 101

Posted by CenterEdge Software on Nov 3, 2021 4:02:05 PM

CenterEdge Software, a leading provider of point-of-sale, online sales and reservations, and ticketing systems for entertainment and recreation facilities, is pleased to announce that Sherry Howell, Brand Engagement Director, will be speaking at IAAPA Rookies and Newcomers: FEC 101 on November 14 in advance of the much anticipated IAAPA Expo 2021 in Orlando, FL.

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5 Benefits of Capacity Management Tools for Your FEC

Posted by Sherry Howell on Nov 3, 2021 2:55:32 PM

Improved guest experience, seamless scheduling, and barrier-free buying experiences are just some of the benefits of careful capacity management processes and systems.

Many amusement facilities have needed to adjust how they manage capacity for admissions and attractions over the last year. Processes for ticketing, access control, and cash handling have most likely all been affected. But even though COVID brought a sense of urgency around reimagining our businesses, it always makes sense to review your processes and systems from time to time to ensure you’re operating as effectively as possible.

In conversations with new operators at recent educational events, I’ve found that people are unsure whether or not to use capacity management tools or offer timed experiences for guests. When carefully implemented, robust capacity management tools can create significant benefits for your guests and your business. Read on for our top five to help you decide how your facility should proceed.

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How to Increase Food Service Profitability

Posted by Sherry Howell on Oct 22, 2021 11:11:12 AM

Smart menu development, forward-thinking, savvy pricing, and processes for consistency are key ingredients of a profitable food service program.

At CenterEdge, we're huge proponents of industry education, and we sponsor a few of the best educational events available. If you haven't attended Amusement 360, Birthday University, FEC Success Institute, or Foundations Entertainment University, we highly recommend that you put one or more of these events on your 'Must Do' list for 2022.

Last week at Foundations, we had the chance to listen to industry expert, Jim Howell, of Perky's Pizza. Jim shared terrific insights that can help any foodservice operator increase efficiency and profitability. We sat down with Jim and asked him to share a few of the most impactful tips that you can implement today to achieve immediate results. Read on for our interview. 

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