CenterEdge Introduces:

Integration with Semnox

Effortlessly manage cashless cards and media, simplify sales, and maintain a single source of truth with our latest collaboration.

CenterEdge is Excited to Announce a new Integration with Cashless Debit Card System Provider Semnox

The integration will provide CenterEdge users an additional choice in debit card systems while maintaining a single source of truth for your entire facility's sales and revenue reporting.

The integration will allow you to:

  • Sell and load Semnox cards and wearable media easily.
  • Prepare cards and wearable media for events, and add value, time play, and attractions to attendee cards, even while in use.
  • Process redemption transactions smoothly with CenterEdge Redemption and Inventory Management.
  • Manage cards, guest profiles, and historical usage data.
  • Post sales on date of purchase or date of use (deferred revenue).
  • Streamline revenue and tax reporting of Semnox cards, kiosks, and usage in Advantage.
  • Maintain a single solution for all your sales and sales reporting.

Semnox Features


Prepare Cards and Wearable Media


View a Centralized Card History


Easily Process Redemption


Report Revenue Smoothly

Load up the Experience

CenterEdge is here to grow with you! Get packages, attraction passes, value, time play, or redemption bonuses to your guests without any hassle and keep them coming back. Whether you need a new cashless system to sell and load cards and other NFC media, or you need a centralized way to take care of business, our solutions can help!

Check out our flyers for more information, and fill out the form above to schedule a meeting! 

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