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Dual Pricing
with CenterEdge Payments

Eliminate nearly all payment processing-related costs.

Offset Processing Costs While Offering
Guests the Choice in How They Pay

The CenterEdge Payments Dual Pricing Program allows you to offer your guests the choice in how they pay. Rather than simply raising your prices across the board, Dual Pricing allows you to present payment options with associated costs for cash and card payments.

This approach allows guests to choose their payment method, with a cost savings for cash transactions or an elevated price for card transactions to offset the costs associated with processing credit cards.

Clear signage and automatic pricing displays on PIN pads make it easy for guests to see price differences, and to choose the payment method that makes the most sense.

Choose Dual Pricing and Receive

The ability to eliminate nearly all payment processing-related costs

An integrated POS system that supports a dual pricing model with both credit and card price

Training materials to ensure all of your team is delivering the same message and successfully promoting the program

Signage templates that can be used throughout your facility notifying guests of the cash/credit price

Real-time, accurate reports and dashboards to track business performance

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