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Click to Pay

Take payments for events, accounts receivable, and dining easier and more securely than ever. 

Making events, accounts receivable, and dining payments easy and secure.

CenterEdge Click to Pay enables you to send payment requests for events and accounts receivable via a secure link. For food and beverage, Pay at the Table allows you to print QR Codes and custom messaging on dining checks. Links and QR codes direct guests to enter their credit card information in a secure payment portal.

When combined with the CenterEdge Advantage Suite and CenterEdge Payments, you benefit from:

  • A single solution for your events, food and beverage, and credit card payment processing needs
  • A fully integrated events platform, with advanced scheduling, package customization options, and eCommerce
  • The ability to tokenize payment information collected for future payments and gratuities
  • A secure link payment option for Accounts Receivable for team members, schools, and organizations
  • Access to the Pay at the Table features which allow you to print QR codes and custom text on dining checks so guests can scan and pay at their convenience
  • Faster table turns, more peace of mind due to enhanced security, and happier guests who have more control over their payment experience!

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