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5 Easy Ways to Increase FEC Revenue

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 22, 2021 3:41:40 PM

Special events, multi-visit passes, and staff competitions are just a few of the ways to boost your FEC’s revenue today and in the future.

You’re likely always thinking about ways to drive revenue and increase your bottom line. Sometimes, great ideas can come from quick brainstorming sessions with your team. Today, we did a quick brainstorming session of our own to provide you with a few ideas that you can use immediately to start driving more revenue today. Use these as they are or as a jumping-off point for your team’s next leadership meeting.  

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ZooMontana's 5 Surprising Benefits of Upgrading to CenterEdge Software

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 15, 2021 2:45:06 PM

Kathy Barton, Guest Services Manager of ZooMontana, shares how faster guest transactions, more personalized member experiences, and time to focus on what matters most helps ZooMontana rise to every new challenge.

Nearly every amusement park or entertainment venue has to work through the challenges of scaling up as the business begins to grow. Knowing when to invest in new attractions, facility upgrades, and new management tools can be tricky.

We recently sat down with Kathy Barton, ZooMontana's Guest Services Manager, who shared their recent experience upgrading to CenterEdge, and the surprising benefits they’ve seen as a result. Here’s what she had to say:

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How to Use Storytelling for Better Training Sessions

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 9, 2021 11:07:09 AM

Use these steps to successfully use storytelling in training and coaching sessions.

It has been terrific getting back together at recent industry events and educational sessions like Bowl Expo and Amusement Expo. Many of the educational sessions at the events were nothing short of inspiring, with funny and relevant stories shared all around. 

You’ve no doubt heard of the benefits of storytelling in marketing, brand management, and sales. It’s also an extremely effective tool to use when training your staff. Today, we’re sharing an example of masterful storytelling from a marketing conference I attended, delivered by Meghan Gardner, Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Adventures. Guardian Adventures, a consulting firm that develops unique educational programs for various industries and ages, uses storytelling to build immersive and exciting sessions that stick.

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5 No Cost Ways to Boost Guest Experience

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 1, 2021 2:36:42 PM

Adopt the WISER approach for a new way to communicate your brand message in and out of your facility.

I had the opportunity to attend and present at Bowl Expo 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. The Bowl Expo education team continues to wow me with their commitment to improving operations for bowling and bowling-based family entertainment operators. 

One such speaker I was thrilled to see was customer experience expert, Dan Gingiss, whom I first saw at the Inbound Marketing conference in 2019. Dan's session on customer experience and digital marketing was so impactful that I knew operators could apply his approach to build stronger ties to their audiences, and that's just as relevant today as ever.

With budgets getting tighter, we need every no-cost idea to set ourselves apart. That's why we're bringing back Dan's WISER approach to help you reimagine the way you connect with your audience. 

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5 Simple Steps to Help New Shift Leaders and Managers at Your FEC

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jun 23, 2021 4:38:05 PM

Today’s blog was written by CenterEdge Trainer, Alex Buenrostro, with input from two FEC industry veterans from our training team, Andy Rye and Matthew Mayer. 

By Alex Buenrostro

There has been a recent influx of onboarding new FEC and amusement team members and that includes a lot of new supervisors and managers. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about onboarding new managers and the skills they need to be able to run effective shifts and oversee operations. So we put together this getting started guide to help new managers build a strong foundation. And as always, we’re here to help.

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5 Time Management Best Practices for Busy FEC Leaders

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jun 17, 2021 11:15:37 AM

Avoid extra stress by following these time management tips. 

As a busy operator, you are often pulled in many directions, which can lead to overwhelm, burnout, and inefficiency. But when you’re running the business, every inefficiency can cost you more than just time. Poor time management skills can lead to excessive rework, employee turnover, poor guest service, and reduced revenue and profitability. 

In short, you can’t afford it, and you don’t have to. That’s why we’re sharing seven easy-to-implement tips to help you build stronger time management practices that will help you operate smarter and more efficiently. 

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3 Reasons You Need to Rewrite Your Mission Statement Today

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jun 10, 2021 1:25:10 PM

Give your team purpose through a clear company mission and values. 

Some people believe that company mission or vision statements and core values are corporate jargon without a real place in business, but nothing could be further from the truth.

But just like every other aspect of your business, you must be intentional about creating the guiding principles that give your business the focus and direction necessary to build a strong culture and winning brand.

Read on for three ways they can help drive your business forward, with a few tips and resources to get them right.

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3 Steps to Strong Inventory Management

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jun 3, 2021 12:57:20 PM

Planning for how your facility orders, receives, and tracks various inventory items can make a big difference in profitability. 

Keeping costs down is an essential part of managing a thriving family entertainment business. Many businesses focus on sales and service but get overwhelmed trying to keep up with the ins and outs of inventory management. 

To maintain healthy profitability, you need strong inventory management processes. Your facility management system is an essential tool that should help make inventory management a breeze. That’s why we decided to share best practices for each stage of inventory management.

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5 Ways to Impress Your FEC Guests

Posted by Sherry Howell on May 27, 2021 11:35:09 AM

With consumers becoming more discerning than ever, the best FEC's always find ways to surprise and delight. 

After our recent labor blog where we talked about the importance of transparency with guests, we thought it made sense to follow up with the importance of constantly pushing to operate smarter. 

COVID has impacted our communities and businesses in ways we are probably still not completely aware of yet. But some businesses have also used COVID or the labor shortage as an excuse for mediocre products and services. While guests may be forgiving initially, we all know that any grace we're afforded for questionable guest service is likely short-term at best. 

To help get back to what makes a memorable guest experience, we brought back this popular blog with five ways to impress your guests.

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5 Tips to Help You Better Manage Your Stress

Posted by Sherry Howell on Apr 28, 2021 10:00:00 AM

From stress prevention to reducing the effects in the moment, these tips will help you manage your stress more effectively than ever. 

There is so much riding on your ability to operate your facility effectively. You have to manage people, processes, projects, systems, and costs - that’s no small feat even under the best of circumstances. While you’re trying to keep everything running smoothly, you must also find ways to lead a healthy, happy life as well.

One critical component that’s at the heart of your ability to do every single one of those other duties is your ability to manage stress successfully. Because not managing stress can put undue pressure on your performance in every other area. That’s why we put together this list of techniques to help you manage stress.

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