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Payroll Prowess from a Top Ranking General Manager

Posted by Sherry Howell on Jul 5, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Today’s article comes from one of our CenterEdge trainers, Luke Kollman. As many of you know, CenterEdge is a company built by family entertainment venue operators to meet the unique needs of the industry. Luke was a long time user of the software as General Manager of an indoor/outdoor park in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  He was gracious enough to write today’s article to help address some of the challenges you may face with labor and scheduling. He was also consistently ranked first or second in labor spending when compared to all the GMs across the 16-park network he was a part of, so we are excited to have him share his best practices. Thanks, Luke!

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Company Culture is not just for Big Corporations

Posted by Sherry Howell on Feb 23, 2016 11:00:00 AM

I saw a meme on LinkedIn recently that read “Company Culture is not an HR function, it comes from the top.”  I really thought that was powerful.  Some people wouldn’t think that culture is something an amusement park, an entertainment center or really any small business would need to worry about.  However, what’s interesting about culture is that, regardless of whether or not we think about it, it exists in every single organization.  I’m new to CenterEdge and one of the things I’ve been charged with as “an outsider” is to help assess our current company culture.  The idea is to ensure that we’re portraying ourselves and our company the right way.  While this may not seem that brave of an initiative for a company to take, imagine inviting a complete stranger into your home and asking them to tell you, with absolute honesty, whether or not your baby is ugly. And you’ve given them truth serum.   Sound terrifying?  Well, it’s exciting!  Okay, for the team it’s probably one part terrifying, two parts exciting but I have never been more thrilled by a team’s ‘top down’ level of readiness to tackle a tough challenge like this.   

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Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks selects CenterEdge

Posted by Merrik Keller on Apr 13, 2015 10:16:21 AM

CenterEdge Software, a leading provider of Point of Sale, Reservation, Ticketing and Access Control Systems for water park, entertainment and recreation facilities, has been chosen as the new systems provider for Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks.  Mickey Lewis, Sales and Marketing Director for Splash Kingdom commented, “We are very excited to deploy CenterEdge Software in Splash Kingdom Big Texas Fun in Amarillo, Timber Falls Nacogdoches, and Air Patrol in Greenville this year.  We are confident CenterEdge is the best choice for our parks because they deliver a robust feature set that is tailored to our needs.”  Splash Kingdom will utilize CenterEdge Point of Sale at the parks to facilitate admission, season pass, and food and beverage sales along with cabana rentals.  Splash Kingdom will also take full advantage of CenterEdge’s ability to manage their group, birthday, and corporate event business.  In addition to the use of CenterEdge at each park, Splash Kingdom will deploy CenterEdge’s fully-integrated online services platform which allows guests to purchase tickets and season passes in advance of their visit.

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